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Employee Pulse Survey

Pulse surveys are gaining popularity over yearly job satisfaction surveys because pulse surveys allow leaders to monitor the mood of the organization and respond quickly to problems.


The OERG EPS is a monthly, 8 item, online employee engagement survey. The questions were selected because they assess empirically-based drivers of satisfaction and turnover. The EPS also includes one write-in question per month so employees can provide feedback and offer suggestions. 


OERG EPS reports appear in an interactive dashboard.

More products coming soon!

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Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning:

Best Practices and Principles for Instructors

by Andrea Lassiter, PH.D. and Kara Orvis, PH.D.

Decades of research have shown that student collaboration in groups doesn't just happen; rather it needs to be a deliberate process facilitated by the instructor. Promoting collaboration in virtual learning environments presents a variety of challenges.

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Best Practices & Principles for Instructors answers the demand for a thorough resource on techniques to facilitate effective collaborative learning in virtual environments. This book provides must-have information on the role of the instructor in computer-supported collaborative learning, real-world perspectives on virtual learning group collaboration, and supporting learning group motivation.

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The Psychology of Rule Breaking

 Creating a Culture of Compliance

by Daniel Sachau, PH.D.

Why do employees break rules? Why don’t warnings, threats or lectures work? What can supervisors do to encourage compliance? This book is about the psychological mechanisms of rule breaking and compliance. The book will help supervisors diagnose the causes and consequences of rule breaking; shape the environment so threats, bribes and warnings are unnecessary; use social pressure to your advantage; “sell” rules to employees; spot employees who are likely to break the rules, and create a culture of compliance.

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Craftmanship Survey

The Craftsmanship Index is a survey that assesses the extent to which an organization promotes a craftsman/artisan culture. More specifically, the CI measures employee perceptions of: 

Learning Opportunities

Tools and Space 

Skill Variety


Whole Work

Client Relationship


Focus on Quality


Identity With Profession



To obtain norms and scoring keys for the scales, please contact

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